SCREENPRO ALR Fixed Frame Screen - Ambient Light Rejection

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7mm Bezel Frame Series ALR Screen For Ultra Short Throw Projectors
Available for a variety of ambient lighting conditions, the UST(Ultra-Short Throw) Laser Light Source Projector can be positioned at the front of a room like a TV, creating sumptuous 8K images up to 150" with no shadows.(ambient light-rejecting) surface technology can be made into a tensioned motorised retractable screen, and supports UST(ultra-short-throw) ceiling mount projection. Effectively absorbs ambient light and boosts contrast, and the vivid picture is not interfered with by ambient light. Whether it is day or night, turning on or off the light can give you a bright viewing experience, the picture is clear, and the black is deeper, The colors are more vivid, the contrast of the picture is improved, and the layering of the picture is greatly improved. The perfect light diffusion can bring an ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 ° and share.