About Us

Klingen & Erlesen is a distribution company that looking for break through and provide extra miles in the industry, through out the years of our operation in this business, we strive to incorporate new idea by helping end users getting the right product that we carefully picked and growing business together with resellers. Offering further confident boost in our services, we are looking to build the connection between brands, resellers and end user in a very much unique and complete way.


Our vision is to enable those we serve to experience a better quality of life by providing quality and finest product that enrich and inspire businesses and individuals to achieve more.


We strive to commit to our customers, to our resellers, and to leadership in the lifestyle gadget aftermarket, by providing more friendly products that have pass through strict testing, research, and analysis; to resellers and end user at the most competitive price.


Our core values guide us in all that we do at Klingen & Erlesen. They represent our qualities, our beliefs about how we should conduct our business and our aspiration to do our very best work. And to keep us accountable, these values have been put on display in our day to day business dealings.