Audio Pro P5 Bluetooth Speaker

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The Audio Pro P5 is the perfect travel companion. It is small, wireless and have a battery that will last more than 14 hours at mid level volume. The speaker can withstand the rain, so you do not have to worry about the weather forecast. The true wireless feature will let you connect two P5 speakers by Bluetooth into a true stereo pair

Unlike many of the portable bluetooth speakers, which are only utilizing a fullrange driver to try to handle the complete frequency range, the P5 is a tru 2-way speaker. The 1" dome tweeter paired with a 3.2" mid woofer covers a frequency range at normal listening levels similar to a small bookshelf speaker.

*Latest Bluetooth 5.0
*IPX4 Water resistant
*14 Hours battery life
*AUX Input
*2 speaker True Stereo Pair.